Top 10 Celebrity Engagement Rings

It is so fascinating to see what celebrities consider to be appropriate engagement rings. They are trend setters after all! No one can forget J. Lo’s radiant-cut pink diamond ring, which set a new trend in Hollywood, suggesting that bigger is better. Yet celebrity taste in jewelry differ so much…
10 famous engagement rings
1. Actress Elizabeth Taylor became more popular for the striking jewelry in her possession. She received a 30 carat emerald-cut diamond from Michael Todd, her third husband. She also received a Krupp diamond of 39 carats, the Taylor-Burton pear-shaped diamond of 69.42 carats, and the heart-shaped 17th century Taj Mahal diamond.
2. Priscilla Presley received a diamond engagement ring of 3.5 carats, circled by diamond chips and 21 small diamonds, from Elvis.
3. Sharon Stone was engaged to Phil Bronstein with three emerald-cut diamonds in a 3 1/2 carat ring.
4. The engagement to Catherine Zeta Jones was formalized by Michael Douglas with a beautiful antique marquise diamond of 10 carats with a horizontal set, worth $2 million.
5. Joan Collins received a heart-shaped diamond ring made in the 19th century from Percy Gibson, her husband.
6. Some celebrities settle for a three-stone engagement ring to represent past, present, and future. Famous pop star Madonna received a three-stone antique exquisite Edwardian diamond ring with a decorative platinum band from Guy Ritchie.
7. Paris Hilton, the famous diva, was engaged to billionaire Paris Latsis with two famous engagement rings: a canary diamond ring of 24 carats worth $5 million and a white emerald-cut diamond ring of 15 carats worth $2.1 million.
8. Britney Spears also has two engagement rings: a cushion-cut diamond ring of 4 carats worth $40,000 bought by herself before her wedding and another one presented by her husband Kevin Federline, nine months after their marriage.
9. Toni Braxton received a stunning and beautiful three-stone 4.5 carat diamond ring from Keri Lewis. It has two heart-shaped diamonds on each side and an oval-shaped stone center.
10. Jennifer Lopez was engaged to Ben Affleck with a radiant pink diamond ring of 6 carats, which quickly drew public attention and became very famous. The pink diamond ring, complete with three baguette white diamonds and a platinum band on each side, was purchased for $1.2 million. Inspiring and famous engagement rings Celebrity engagement rings only reflect the lifestyle acquired by an endless budget. The famous diamonds have created a huge demand for celebrity-inspired rings, which are available at affordable rates.