Celebrity diamond engagement ring

The diamond engagement ring is one of the first and most important purchases made when planning to get married. And these days, bigger seems to be better.

If one diamond isn’t enough, then three certainly work very well together. The new three-stone diamond engagement ring is gaining in popularity among several of Hollywood’s hottest couples. The three diamonds represent the Past, Present & Future or in Guy Ritchie and Madonna’s case – for mother, father and son (Rocco). Ritchie chose a one-of-a-kind, Edwardian, round, three-stone diamond ring with ornate diamond details throughout the platinum band.

Another couple that has taken a liking to the three-stone trend is Phil Bronstein and Sharon Stone. Stone received a beautiful emerald-cut three-stone diamond ring upon the adoption of their son Rhone and in celebration of their wedding anniversary. It was a perfect time to celebrate their past, present and future.

Another trend-setting duo who tied the knot, Toni Braxton and Keri Russell, designed a stunning, three-stone diamond ring: an oval-shaped center stone flanked by two heart-shaped side stones. The three-stone diamond ring truly stands out by tying new meaning to the traditional engagement ring.

The diamond engagement ring comes in a variety of styles and the possibilities are endless, but overall it’s truly a matter of personal taste. The diamond engagement ring is a symbol of a relationship and reflects the unique bond between husband and wife. It often sets the tone for the highly anticipated weddings, especially when it comes to the over-the-top celebrity weddings we all so anxiously await.
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